0 - 3 months

Chill out in the hammock ?

Hammock in the playpen

This hammock is specially designed for your baby.┬áYou can use it from ┬▒┬á0 – 3 months . You can easily hang the hammock between the bars of your playpen. By gently rocking the hammock back and forth, the baby falls asleep easily. Also ideal for babies with overstretches, intestinal cramps and crying babies.

In a hammock, the baby’s pelvis and trunk are well supported.

Usage Instruction

  1. Hang the playpen hammock in the playpen. Make sure that the bottom of the hammock hangs no more than 10cm above the bottom of the box and close the extra safety lock as shown on the product
  2. Place the baby in the hammock with the head at the top of the tip
  3. Pull the sides up. The baby is now fully supported by the hammock
  4. AndÔÇŽ ready ?

Extension piece

  1. The hammock can also be used in a large box; then hang it in one of the corners of the box or use the extension. This extension can extend the maximum span by a maximum of 75 cm while the hammock can extend a maximum length of 80 cm without an extension. For example, if you have a round box, it is ideal to use the extension .

Safety instructions

  • Check the clip before using it
  • Make sure the baby can breathe freely
  • Maximum carrying weight 15kg
  • Make sure the baby is not too hot / cold
  • Regularly check the hammock for wear
  • Never use the last 10cm of the strap
  • Legs maximum 10cm above the bottom of the box
  • Never leave your child in the hammock without adult supervision



30     (┬▒ $ 30)