Do you like to carry your child with you, but you suffer from shoulder or back problems? Then try the Minimonkey Dynamic Baby Carrier. This ergonomic baby carrier doesn’t carry the weight on your shoulders and gives you great support in your lower back.

The Dynamic Baby Carrier is extremely comfortable and lightweight. ‘Oh, sure, great sales pitch; that’s what they all say…’ Actually, this carrier really is different from the other baby carriers on the market thanks to its unique lower back support. This panel provides support for your lower back, and at the same time, pulls the weight of your child toward your body. This means you will be bearing your child’s weight right at the strongest point on your body: your belly and waist. Just like you did during your pregnancy. Mothers understand this immediately, and fathers get it after trying it out once.

  • 0 – 2 years (newborn to max. 15 kgs)
  • One size fits all
  • Safe: compliant with all EU safety norms
  • Washable at 40°C (in a wash bag and at low RPM)
  • Ergonomic baby carrier for child and carrier

Dynamic Baby Carrier Cotton is both the outside and the inside made of 100% cotton. Ideal for the summer. The carrier can be used right from birth to up to 15 kilos.

Use of the Dynamic

You carry a (newborn) baby in the Dynamic Baby Carrier in an upright position on your belly, with his or her bottom low and thighs higher and spread wide; also referred to as the M-Position or Frog Position. Experts recommend this ergonomic position for carrying babies because it can have a positive effect on the development of their hips. The Dynamic baby carrier is a ‘hip-healthy product’, certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Shoulder and/or back problems? Try this carrier

A new way of carrying your baby. The Minimonkey baby carrier is the only baby carrier that does not put pressure on your shoulders. Because of the revolutionary design, you carry the weight of your child exactly where you are strongest: on your belly and waist. Just like during pregnancy. Due to the smart and natural distribution of the weight, the carrier is not only suitable for babies, but also for toddlers up to about three years. The Minimonkey baby carrier has been developed in collaboration with various medical specialists:

  • it carries the weight of your baby on your own center of gravity (around your navel), making the carrier very light to use
  • it stimulates a straight posture by supporting the lower back and doesn’t put weight on the shoulders
  • can even have a positive effect on pelvic instability (in consultation with your doctor)
  • good to use when you have back problems (in consultation with your doctor)

Frog Position
Facing out
On the back
Crossing straps

Tips for optimal use of the Dynamic baby carrier

Position the ‘back support’ as low down as possible on your back, right above the lower strap. The more you tighten the ‘back support’, the less weight will come to rest on your shoulders. If you use the carrier properly, you actually won’t even need the shoulder straps for carrying. They really only offer stability and are for your child’s safety. This is reason enough to use them! You can wear the shoulder straps vertically as well as diagonally. They offer even more support when worn diagonally, particularly helpful for longer periods of wear.

If you prefer, you can also cross the straps on your back to prevent them from slipping off. Watch the instruction video about wearing the shoulder straps diagonally.

A hand support is attached to the front of the carrier. Place your hands in the hand support and you can connect to your child in a comfortable and familiar way. Like when you were pregnant ....

Always position the 'back support' as low down as possible, so that it supports the lower back. The more you tighten the ‘back support’, the less weight will come to rest on your shoulders. The shoulder straps can be completely relieved and only give stability to the baby carrier. By supporting the wearer in this way, a straight posture is stimulated and you ensure that the weight of the baby is carried on your own center of gravity (around your navel) on your hips. This makes the Dynamic Baby Carrier an extremely light carrier.


  • Put on the waistband and tighten.
  • Adjust the left shoulder strap loosely over your shoulder.
  • Lower the baby into the carrier, with baby’s buttocks at the very bottom of the carrier.
  • Support the baby with your left arm and grab with your left hand the yellow clip attached to the front of the wearer.
  • Now grab the back support (which is now behind your back) with your right hand, let this back rest run over your lower back (actually at the bottom of the hollow of your back), close the yellow clip and pull the horizontal bands (the strap that goes through the yellow clip and the strap that goes through the black clip on the other side) tight, the baby's body is already fully supported by the carrier. You feel no pressure at all on the shoulder straps.
  • Also pull the other shoulder strap over your shoulder and secure it to the front.
  • Now you can tighten the shoulder straps at the back.

*** The Dynamic baby carrier cannot be shipped to the US. In case this item is ordered in the US, the order will be cancelled.

Additional information

Weight0.68 kg
Dimensions25 × 8 × 29 cm

8 reviews for Dynamic Baby Carrier

  1. Bellini

    I’ve brought it a while back thought is a great product, but I must say this carrier is not made for short ppl like me (160cm) the back strap supposedly should be at the back of my waist. But even if I pull the straps to the shortest is only place at the middle spot of my ribs.
    Regret buying this

    • margot (verified owner)

      Hi Bellini,
      Thank you for your feedback. Your problem can be easily solved by crossing the straps at your back and by closing (and adjusting) the back support before closing the buckles of the shoulder straps. Please follow the following steps:
      – Adjust the length of the shoulder straps in order that they will be loose around your shoulders
      – Put the middle belt around your middle (so a bit higher then you are used to) and tighten it
      – Put one strap over your shoulder and then put the baby in the carrier
      – Now you guide the back support over your lower back and close the yellow buckle. Then you pull the straps of the back support really tight. The weight is now carried already without the shoulder straps 😉
      – Then you put the shoulder strap over your shoulder and close it at the front
      – Now you only need to adjust the length of the shoulder straps in order that they will be just on your shoulders (so not too tight)

  2. Belinda Loon

    This product is great, and the weight distribution is really good, especially for a small person like me with shoulder problems. But the velcro for the hood cannot withstand the thrashings of my child… maybe some snap buttons would be better?

  3. Australian Client

    To all of the OCD baby product researchers out there….

    This is my first review of any product. I read them all the time but have never actually took the time to type one up myself until I cam across the Minimonkey baby carrier.

    Yes, I did it with my first baby, spent hours upon hours online and in baby stores researching the best baby products. From prams to cots, high chairs, bouncers, breast pumps, etc. I promised myself I wouldn’t do it with my second because first, I will reuse most of the big items and second, really its ok if the product doesn’t do everythingso no need to overdo it …. The only main item I really needed was a replacement baby carrier. My first daughter was in a Phil & Teds Pepe until she was walking, and it did the job. I am not much of a pram user so I definitely got my moneys worth from it. It needed replacing and I was keen to try out the new carriers that are hip-dysplasia friendly. The most important things for me are comfort (I developed a bad back still carrying a toddler whilst heavily pregnant), size (I am tall but narrow), ease of use (need to be able to chuck it on whilst keeping toddler away from danger), portability (able to store it in a nappy bag, pram or car), design (I need to look good in it, yes I know, vain) and lastly, husband friendly (it has to be manly or he won’t where it). Amongst other carriers, the stand outs were the new Baby Bjorn One which is a great concept but in my opinion it is made for a man (everything was way too big, clunky and heavy) and the new Ergobaby 360 (loved that you can face baby out, however again too much heavy material which is not practical when living in a hot Sydney environment as my newborn will be carried in the height of summer.) The cost for me is not much of an issue because I know how much I will use it from experience from my first baby.

    I discovered the Minimonkey Dynamic carrier, a waterproof material version of the original cotton minimonkey carrier. It is a perfect functional cross of the Baby Bjorn One and Ergobaby 360, however not only does it fit like a glove, it ticks all of the above boxes. It is very light but incredibly sturdy, easy to put on, can be stored anywhere, breathable and my daughter’s weight sits on my hips instead of my back or shoulders. It is perfect. It works great for my husband who uses the dynamic (as it is black) and I use the cotton original carrier because I love the colour for summer (turquoise). My newborn loves the frog position and sleeps in it for hours at a time. The carrier has also been wash tested as it was christened (heavily) quite early on, and came out brilliantly.

    The Minimonkey customer service is also worth noting. I wanted to be 100% sure that I had the carrier fitted correctly because I am tall but a narrow size 8 and not very coordinated. Ingrid, the national sales rep not only responded to my query automatically, she called me from her mobile after hours (a blessing when you want something to work NOW but don’t have time to chase things up with a newborn and a demanding three year old). She even came out to meet me personally to make sure I was happy with the fit. After a quick tweak (I hadn’t read the instructions and had the straps way too high up) my newborn and I were ready for our hikes across malls, parks, zoos and of course my living room.

    I also need to mention that I had never heard of the Minimonkey carrier before, but now all of my mother’s group buddies are singing its praises. It really is a perfect carrier and needs to be up there with the Baby Bjorns and Ergo’s.

    Yes, this is a long review, though I really hope that it will save many other mums valuable time when searching for a carrier. The Minimonkey carrier and customer service deserves 5+ stars and I couldn’t recommend the product more.

  4. Rein84

    Fijne draagzak. Hierdoor kan ik makkelijk mijn hond in het park uitlaten en die kleine ook meenemen. Ze valt meestal in no time in slaap 🙂

  5. Aidanooshin

    Ik heb de minimonkey aangeschaft voor mijn dochter die inmiddels bijna een maand is. Het klopt dat het niet in je schouders draagt maar het is wel gedoe om de zak aan te krijgen en goed te laten zitten met al die bandjes. Het instructie filmpje op de website voor een pasgeboren baby is gefilmd met een pop en ook niet erg duidelijk. Het hoofdje van mijn dochter wordt namelijk niet volledig ondersteund als ze in de “kikker” positie zit, wellicht handiger als ze de hoofdsteun hoger hadden laten uitkomen. Misschien doe ik iets verkeerd, maar ze moet altijd huilen als ik haar in de zak doe. Dan drukt ze ook met haar voeten en hangt haar hoofdje er dus weer uit. Al met al best ok dus maar niet geweldig.

  6. Sara4991

    Een zalige draagzak. Makkelijk in gebruik en ziet er nog mooi uit ook! Hij draagt echt makkelijk, geen last van een zere rug of pijnlijke schouders. En er zit een handig regenkapje bij! Een goede en betaalbare ergonomische draagzak, een echte aanrader!

  7. JdHS

    De MiniMonkey buikdrager is super makkelijk in gebruik en erg handig om je baby/kindje in mee te nemen.De buikdrager is zo goed ontworpen dat je amper voelt dat je een baby/kindje draagt.Zelfs prima te doen bij rug en heup klachten!Een echte aanrader dus!

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