The Minimonkey Slings are easy to put and wear over one shoulder.
They are compact, adjustable and always fit.

Mini Sling

Light, small and fine
The MINI Sling is the smallest and lightest sling in the world where you can carry the baby ergonomically from birth. Ideal for your journey, you take this sling with you in your diaper bag. Because of the airy material he dries very quickly, so also good to use in the shower in the pool.

Sling Classic 4-in-1

Baby sling and hammock in one
The Sling Classic is perfect for when you want to carry your child in the classic lying position in a sling. The carrying part of the Sling Classic is slightly larger, allowing it to be used as a hammock in the playpen for a longer period (older baby).

Sling Unlimited

Sling Unlimited
Since the Sling Unlimited is adjustable on all sides, you can carry your baby in an upright ergonomic M position from birth (with link to M-position on Sling Unlimited page). A special safety strap ensures that your baby can’t slide out between your belly and the sling.

User posibilities

Mini Sling Sling 4-in-1 Sling Unlimited
Smallest and lightest sling in the world Baby carrier and hammock in one Compact and adjustable at all sides


39,95 49,95

15 x 7,5 x 8,5 cm

15 x 7,5 x 32 cm 

 14 x 19 x 8,5 cm


175 gram

 300 gram

275 gram


Black, White

Grey, Black, Army green,
Sand color, Turquoise, Red,
Orange, Lime, Purple, Pink

Dark Grey, Light Grey
Army Green, Turquoise


Mesh fabric

100% cotton

 100% cotton

Can be used for:

Newborn – 15kg

Newborn – 15kg

Newborn – 15kg

Shoulder part

‘Spread’ shoulder

Shoulder cushion

Shoulder cushion


One size fits all

One size fits all

One size fits all





Banana position newborn



Feeding support 



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