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Mini Sling

The smallest and lightest baby carrier in the world.

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The ergonomic twin carrier

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Mini Chair

Turns any chair into a child seat.

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We have also

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Playpen hammock

For the real chill baby.

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The playpen hammock can span a length of 80cm. This extension will also allow you to use the playpen hammock in a round/larger playpen (max span of 155cm).


Dynamic Baby carrier

Does not carry the weight on the shoulders.

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Nappy bags

No more the smell of a fresh full diaper or poo scraps in your diaper bag. You get a roll of 20 disposable bags, you just buy the refill bags in the supermarket.


Travel Sleeping Bag

Ideal for at home and on the road.

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Nursing Cover

Feed your baby discreetly.

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