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Turn any chair into a child seat

Mini Chair Pocket - €32,50

The Mini Chair Pocket is just like the Mini Chair Classic a handy ‘harness’ that you can use to transform any chair (refer to the below picture) into a child seat in one minute. Super convenient when you’re on the go, just put it in your diaper bag, and you will be able to use it to feed your child or allow him or her to play safely at a table, wherever you are. Apart from every kind of chair imaginable (refer to the image below), we have also seen people using the Mini Chair on a shopping trolley, on a sledge, on an airplane, at camping sites, with hip spica cast trousers, on a wheelchair and even on a walker!

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The Mini Chair Pocket versus the Mini Chair Cotton

The Mini Chair Pocket can be used in exactly the same way as the Mini Chair Classic. The main difference is that you can store the Mini Chair Pocket in a small bag that is sewed into the product. The product is made out of a soft recycled mesh fabric, just like the Mini Sling. After (machine) washing, the Mini Chair dries very quickly and can be used in no time.  The product is super light-weight, only 120 grams, and also very compact. You can easily take it with you in your diaper bag, so you always have a baby seat with you when you’re on the go.

Instruction video

This is how you use the Minichair

The best advice for every parent

  • Tip 1

    Adjust the Mini Chair properly

    Pull the padded straps tight and run them under your child’s armpits for the best support. It’s also important for you to tighten the strap which runs across the back of the handrail. This will make sure the Mini Chair is secured tighter between the legs, which will offer more support. A somewhat smaller baby can also be pulled upright with this and prevent the baby from slipping down.

    If you use the Minichair on a ‘grownup’s chair’ and your child doesn’t sit at the proper height above the table top, elevate the chair by placing a large pillow or bag on the chair.

  • Tip 2

    Use with a spreading pant

    As the Mini Chair is fully adjustable, it can also be used with a spreading pant.

  • Tip 3

    The Mini Chair on a sled on a walker…

    Because the Mini Chair is fully adjustable in both height and width, you can use the Mini Chair not only on a (children’s) chair but also on a sled, walker, in a boat, in a shopping cart … you name it ?


  • Tip 4

    Use the Mini Chair if you are in a wheelchair

    The Mini Chair can also be used to ‘strap’ your baby onto your lap when you are in a wheelchair yourself. Your baby will then be secure and you will have your hands free. You will thereby be using your own body to ‘strap’ your child to.


Weight :
0.118 kg
5.5 × 8 × 15 cm
Target audience:
6+ months
100% recycled mesh
Instruction with safety advice

Mini Chair Pocket

  • Fits practically all chairs
  • Machine washable
  • To be used as of 6 months
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Mini Chair Pocket

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