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Instructions Minimonkey

Instructions Twin Carrier

Intuitive to use. After setting the correct height, the babies are placed in the ‘pockets’ and fastened with a small clip. We strongly advice to read the instructions for use and the tips carefully. With some practice you should be able to put the babies on your own in the carrier.

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Instructions Mini Chair

With the Mini Chair you can turn any chair into a child seat very easily 😀 You can also use it to ‘secure’ your child on a camping chair, a sled, a walker, you name it …

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Instructions Mini Sling

Super quick and easy – as long as you follow the instructions and read the tips 😉.

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Instructions Baby Carrier

Our newest model, the Minimonkey Baby Carrier.

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Instructions Hammock

This hammock can be used in the playpen.

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Instructions Dynamic Baby Carrier

The Dynamic Baby Carrier is extremely comfortable and lightweight if adjusted properly. How? Just have a look at the instruction videos and tips.

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Instructions Sling Classic

This product has been out of our assortment for a while. If you are looking for the instructions, click on the button below.

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