THE MINIMONKEY TWIN: equals the ergonomic carrying way of a traditional wrap, wins on comfort, user friendliness and safety!

You carry a (newborn) baby/ twin in the Minimonkey TWIN in an upright position on your belly, with his or her bottom low and thighs higher and spread wide; also referred to as the M-Position or Frog Position. Experts recommend this ergonomic position for carrying babies because it can have a positive effect on the development of their hips. The Minimonkey TWIN is a ‘hip-healthy product’, certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

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Twin carrier - mesh

The twin carrier is now also available in mesh, the Twin Carrier – Mesh. Besides the fact that this new version of the twin carrier is made totally out of the airy mesh fabric, just like our Mini Sling, the design of the twin carrier has also been improved. This mesh version has a better fit than the cotton version, which gives the babies (also the very tiny ones) a better support and there is more room for the legs. In addition, also the straps are  easier to adjust when the babies are positioned in the carrier 🙂

If you search the internet you will probably learn that the most ergonomic way of carrying your baby is to carry your baby in a wrap. In a wrap the baby can be carried in the ergonomic M-position and the weight is divided over your whole upper body. Comfortable for you and good for your baby.

But what about carrying twins? Is carrying your twins in a wrap also possible? Yes it is, however it needs a lot of practice, skills and for most people it is simply too complicated.

In the last couple of years, I was contacted by many parents whether I had an easy and comfortable solution for carrying their twins (from newborn), because it simply didn’t exist. This is where the puzzle started. I challenged myself to create (together with babywearing consulants and parents) a twin carrier that was:

Comfortable – the wide shoulder straps in combination with the waistband divides the weight of the babies over your whole upper body. This makes it surprisingly light to carry.

Suitable for both newborn and older babies (max 12kg each baby).

Ergonomic – babies can be carried in the M-Position with the neck and back fully supported, comparable to the carrying way of a wrap.

Easy to use – intuitive to use and not many instructions to follow. After adjusting the carrier in the right size, the babies are placed in the pouches and tightened with a small buckle. You can do this by yourself. The carrier is designed as simple as possible to ensure the product self-explanatory.

Safe – the waistband prevents the baby from slipping out of the carrier.

This is for all the young parents out there who had to become ‘mulitaskers’ overnight…

With love,

Margot Visser (founder Minimonkey, Amsterdam)

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Instruction video

Twin carrier Instruction video

Additional information

Weight0.64 kg
Dimensions16 × 12 × 26 cm

100% cotton – not available anymore, Mesh – new improved design

Instructions IInstructions II
The Minimonkey twin carrier is tested and approved conform the EU standard CEN/TR 16512 - guidelines for the safety of children’s slings

13 reviews for Minimonkey TWIN carrier

  1. Nina Babaev (Israel) (verified owner)

    The carrier is great (i still need a little practice) thank you!

    Today i finally went outside with my one month old twins and my dog for a walk. i cannot go outside with a stroller, so the carrier is a good solution for me.
    Some lady said that this is the cutest thing she ever seen 🙂 i agree 🙂


  2. Instagram – @2_coeurs_font_3 (France) (verified owner)

    Instagram 2_coeurs_font_3 (story 25-11-2019): Pour celles qui m’avaient demandé un retour sur le porte bébés double @minimonkey.official je l’aime de plus en plus. Il faut prendre la main mais après c’est que du bonheur! Samedi balade d’1h30 sur le marché de Noël de Tours et ils ont adoré! Et pour l’école où j’ai la chance de me rendre à pieds c’est 👌. Je vous le decommande donc +++ Je ne regrette vraiment pas, il est génial et rend les sorties en famille tellement plus agréables!!

  3. Urška Jelovčan (Slovenia) (verified owner)

    First of all, I would like to thank you for very fast delivery. Than for the best carrier I have ever seen. (For my first child I had Boba carrier.) It’s really easy to use and I’m so happy to go around with my twins without stroller.

  4. Cliente Amazon (ES) (verified owner)

    Fantastico.. pesa muy poquito y seguro q facilitara la vida!!

  5. Cliente Amazon (ES) (verified owner)

    Al principio no me resulto muy comodo, la tela estaba como dura y para colocarlas era un poco agobiante, la medida tambien me costó coger la medida perfecta pero ahora que lo he usado varias veces, puedo decir que es una maravilla. La tela ya no esta dura, le he cogido la medida perfecta y las coloco en un segundo. Al principio necesitaba ayuda para colocarlas pero ahora las coloco solas y muy rapido. De verdad que lo recomiendo, muy buena compra

  6. Candice Clulow

    I wish I had this from the time my babies were born! They are now 12 weeks and having this carrying has made outings much more possible, especially since I have a 3yo too. This carrier also gives me the opportunity to have more cuddle time with them, something that you miss out on a lot more with twins than with just one. The straps can be a bit stiff to adjust, but it will “break in” and I’m still getting my babies used to it so I’m sure this won’t be an issue soon.

  7. Misja, Denmark (verified owner)

    So happy. 😍 I have been speaking highly about the twin carrier ever since my purchase. ☺️ Thumbs up from this twin mom. 👍🏻👍🏻

  8. Lela M White

    I wish I would’ve had this when they first came home from the hospital 2 months ago. It arrived just in time too try it out for date night. It’s as simple and secure as I hoped it would be when I bought it. (Baby A wanted to hide her face from the sun, so she burrowed in.) Tomorrow’s outing with all 6 of our young children is going to be so much easier with this.

    (They’re in newborn sizes now.)

  9. toddlers_n-teens – instagram (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for making a twin carrier that fills the gap between a woven wrap and a structured carrier. It’s the best of both worlds 🙂

  10. Katja (from Germany) (verified owner)

    I want to thank you for the amazing work you have done! I have twin boys and really love the minimonkey twin carrier! It always feels so light carrying both at the same time and no other carrying option spreats the weight so evenly! Thanks a lot for this great carrier!

  11. AnSo1412 (verified owner)

    Date d’utilisation : 21 mai 2018
    J’ai adoré ce porte bébé. La ceinture et les bretelles renforcées permettent de bien répartir la charge, ainsi, aucun mal de dos n’est ressenti pour des transports jusqu’à 30min (après cela tire un petit peu). J’ai beaucoup apprécié que mes bébés soient regroupés comme dans une écharpe avec ce porte bébé. Nos kiné et psychomotricienne valident elles aussi la position des bébés et de leurs bassins! Les bébés ne peuvent pas glisser car il existe une séparation au niveau de l’entre jambe. Et ils peuvent enfin se tenir par la main durant les promenades! Seul bémol, il faut un peu d’entrainement et au début être deux pour bien placer les enfants mais après c’est vraiment que du plaisir (les instructions sont faciles à comprendre). Les finitions sont irréprochables, le tissu doux et tendance. Bref, un sans faute pour ce produit que je recommande à tous les parents de jumeaux!!

    Review on Magic Maman:,39053.asp

  12. Shi Shi – Singapore (verified owner)

    Your twin carrier is now my favourite carrier! Here’s my feedback:

    What I like:
    – easy to use independently
    – ability to front carry both twins (and have the option to back carry my toddler)
    – i can have one twin out and the other still in the carrier

    Some challenges i faced:
    – as mentioned in the instructions, back straps were hard to be adjusted once babies are carried
    – front straps are a little hard to adjust when carrying my twins (a bit stiff)

    Overall, I am really happy with the carrier!

  13. Lauren Bowling (verified owner)

    I wore my Mini Monkey today out and about for around 3 hours for the first time. Both I and the babies loved it!! I was comfortable and never felt weighted down, and they were able to look around, look at each other, and nap in it. The only problem was that they kept sneaking their hands out when they were falling asleep.. what an amazing product, I’m so grateful it came out just in time for us to use it!

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