1 + 1 = TANDEM

Introducing our newest babywearing game-changer: the Tandem Baby Carrier! 🎉

Got twins or siblings born close together? This carrier will be a life saver.
With the Tandem Baby Carrier, you can comfortably carry one baby on your back and one on the front simultaneously. Or use one of the carriers individually, in the front or on your back.

Features: ✨ 1 +1 = tandem! :These two compatible baby carriers can be connected to each other, creating a tandem carrier, using supplied connectors.
✨ Versatile: Both carriers can be used independently, either on the front, or on the back.
✨ Unique: One carrier has removable shoulder straps, allowing it to attach easily to the other carrier’s shoulder straps.

Use as a tandem carrier when you need to carry both babies, or carry just one. The Tandem Baby Carrier has been created with convenience and comfort in mind.

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