Mini Sling: the smallest and lightest baby carrier in the world.

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Handy pouch
Sling in small pocket

The Mini Sling’s shoulder piece contains a sewn-in pouch that allows you to fold the sling into a tiny 14 x 8 x 8 cm package; making it even easier to carry along!

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Spread the shoulder piece
Mini Sling small and light

Spreading the shoulder piece over your shoulder/upper arm makes for stable and comfortable wearing.


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Excellent head support

The top of the Mini Sling’s back panel has an adjustable clip (yellow in the photo) that you can tighten or loosen to provide excellent head and neck support for your baby.

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Safety loop

The Mini Sling has a safety loop (indicated by the green asterisk in the illustration). It stops the fabric sliding off your baby’s bottom, preventing your baby coming out of the sling unexpectedly. This loop is not meant for carrying your baby; it hangs loose when your baby is resting its bottom in the sling, but prevents your baby falling out in case it overstretches.

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The Mini Sling’s design ensures your baby sits in it ergonomically. The back is in its natural curve and the fabric covers the baby from knee cavity to knee cavity. Your child sits comfortably in a deep spread/crouch position, the so-called M-position. A newborn has its legs closer together, and as your child gets older, its legs spread out more.

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Soft stuffed neck trim

The Mini Sling’s neck trim contains soft padding that gives your baby comfortable neck support.

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Adjustable carrier strap – one size fits all

The Mini Sling has an adjustable back strap. This strap can easily be lengthened or shortened, allowing a snug fit for both smaller and larger carriers → one size fits all.

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The Mini Sling is made out of mesh, making it super light and ‘waterproof’. When the fabric gets wet, it dries within half an hour. This makes the Mini Sling the ideal baby carrier to use in the shower, on the beach or at the pool. As well as being waterproof, it is light and airy due to its many holes, making the sling perfect for hot days. In short, the perfect choice for when you are travelling with your ‘little monkey’!

This baby carrier is so small and light that you will always have it with you. It is extremely compact and weighs as much as a mobile phone (175 gr). The lovely airy Mini Sling allows you to ergonomically carry your baby – directly from birth, and it is very quick and easy to use.

  • 0 – 2 years (newborn to max. 15kgs)
  • One size fits all
  • Safe: compliant with all EU safety norms
  • Washable at 40º (in a wash bag and at low RPM)
  • Material: mesh fabric (light-weight polyester fabric with small holes) 
  • Waterproof – perfect for use in the shower, at the pool, on the beach…
  • Super quick and easy – as long as you follow the instructions  😉

Introduction video

Mini Sling Lightest and smallest baby carrier in the worldBaby sling for newborn max 25kgBaby sling for newborn max 25kgBaby sling for newborn max 25kg

Carrying your baby ergonomically

Mini Sling lightest and smallest sling in the world

You carry your baby straight against your body, with its head on your chest. Its bottom is low and its upper legs are spread and high; in the M-position or ‘frog position’. This ergonomic method of carrying is recommended by paediatricians as it supports babies’ hip development.
A newborn’s legs are still close together (see picture below left). As your child grows, its legs spread and eventually you will be able to carry it on your hip (instead of against your chest). Especially curious toddlers enjoy being carried on the hip as it allows for excellent views all around!

Toddler – on your hip

Newborn – legs together


Instruction video

Instruction video Mini Sling


Mini Sling smallest and lightest baby carrier in the world

Experience has taught that users tend to wear the Mini Sling too low and too loose. Therefore our advice is: wear the sling high, with your baby's head against your sternum and its body snugly against yours! By tightening the black strap on your back, you raise the baby higher, ensuring the proper support for its neck and back. You are carrying the Mini Sling at the correct height if you can easily kiss your baby on its little head.

A newborn baby cannot yet lift its own head, so you have to make sure it is properly supported at all times. If you feel you still need to support your baby's head with your hand, the sling has not yet been correctly adjusted. You can solve this by:

  1. Tightening the strap on your back, bringing the Mini Sling higher and tighter against your body. See also our 'Top Tip: Wear your Mini Sling high'.
  2. Ensuring the top edge is horizontal so your baby's head cannot tilt to one side. See also 'Tip B. Prevent your baby hanging lopsidedly'.
  3. Closing or tightening the little clip on top of the back panel until the fabric supports your baby's neck properly (as shown in the image below).

If your baby starts hanging lopsidedly, or its head falls to one side, it is almost always because the sling hasn't been put on or adjusted correctly.

Ensure the top edge of the Mini Sling is horizontal and the shoulder piece is spread over your shoulder and upper arm; this way the baby hangs straight against your body. You achieve this by spreading the shoulder piece over one shoulder, and putting the sling underneath your other arm, before placing your child inside. The little clip on the side of the shoulder piece has to be level with the sling's top end on the opposite side (indicated by the arrows in the illustration below).

If your baby is in the sling and it's still a little lopsided, you can slightly twist the Mini Sling and tighten the strap on your back a little (as shown below).

Mini Sling small and light

The Mini Sling's shoulder piece is designed to fit comfortably on your shoulder joint. The sling is suitable for wearing on either shoulder. Don't know which shoulder to pick? Choose the side you normally carry your (hand) bag on as that will feel the most natural to you. Ensure the shoulder piece is spread out properly over your shoulder and upper arm, to prevent your baby from hanging to one side. The large black extendable strap should be on your back.On the picture below the shoulder piece hangs far too low. By tightening the black strap on your back, you can you raise the sling to the proper hight. Before you put the baby in, make sure the sling has the shape of a 'bowl' and hangs on both sides underneath your armpits (see picture bottom right).

The Mini Sling is not water tight, but it is waterproof, so you can get it wet. And once wet, it dries again within 30 minutes. This makes it the ideal baby carrier to use in the shower, on the beach or at the pool. The sling is made out of a mesh fabric, so as well as being waterproof, it is very light and airy, making it ideal for warm days. In short, the Mini Sling is a must-have if you take your 'little monkey' on a trip!

Your baby is meant to sit in the Mini Sling in a nice M-position, with its bottom resting in the sling and its upper legs supported by the fabric. The bottom should be lower than the upper legs.

If your baby isn't used to being carried in a sling, it might try to overstretch when placed in the Mini Sling for the first time. It will stretch its legs instead of sitting on its bottom (see illustration below), the fabric isn't smooth over your baby's back and oftentimes there's a lot of crying (from your baby 😉).

This is because your baby does not yet feel safe in the sling.

Thankfully, this is easily fixed by making your baby feel it is supported by the sling and cannot fall out. Here's how you do this:

  • Make sure your baby is completely relaxed when you place it in the sling for the first time (for instance just after nap time and a feed and nappy change).
  • Hang your baby in the carrier without pulling the fabric up just yet (see illustration on the right). Your baby's bottom should be lower than itsupper legs. Your baby feels the support of the sling in its knee cavities, allowing it to relax and reducing its tendency to overstretch. Only pull the fabric up once your baby is completely
  • Once you have pulled the fabric up and your baby is totally supported by the carrier, you can grab its lower legs and 'turn' them up towards your belly. This allows your baby to relax even further (as shown in the illustration below). Baby's back is round and fits snugly in the sling. You may have to repeat this step a few times until your baby is fully relaxed.

The Mini Sling is the ideal carrier to always have with you. It is so small and light, you will barely notice it's in your bag at all! Moreover, it is super easy to put on – once you have mastered the instructions of course 😉 It is suitable for use for a newborn as well as a toddler (max. 15 kgs) and its airy fabric makes it especially suitable for warm days. You can get it wet and it dries quickly, which makes it ideal for use under the shower, at the pool or on the beach.

The Mini Sling is perfect for travelling, around the house, the 'I wish I brought a baby carrier' and the 'let's quickly' moments…

On the go: If you're travelling with your baby, or you are out and about, there's a thousand things you need to bring; clothes, food, nappies, sunscreen, you name it… So it's very convenient if you can stuff a baby carrier in your bag that doesn't take up much room, is light and airy and can get wet to boot!

The 'I wish I brought a baby carrier' moments: You are out and about with your baby in its stroller, and the inevitable happens: the stroller can't get into the shop, you need to take the stairs to another floor, you need to hand over the stroller to board your plane, etc. Or, your 'little monkey' simply refuses to sit down… All these situations make it necessary for you to carry your baby. How wonderful to just dig into your bag and take out the Mini Sling!

Let's quickly: Let's quickly go to day care, school or the shops. Quickly going to and from the car. A quick trip up the stairs or down the post office. Let's quickly take the dog for a walk... Let's quickly get out the Mini Sling!

At home – hands-free: As well as being super convenient for use outside the house, the Mini Sling is a champion at home too! At those moments when your baby's a bit fussy and wants to be close to you, you quickly put it in the sling. You'll have your baby close and comfortable, while still having your hands free.

Although you can carry your baby in the Mini Sling for hours, it is primarily intended for when you need to carry your child quickly and for shorter lengths of time. Since you carry your baby's weight on one shoulder, it can become quite strenuous, especially with older children (compare a backpack to a shoulder bag). So if you're looking for a carrier to carry a larger child for an extended period of time, we recommend you choose the Dynamic Baby Carrier instead.

To see how the Mini Sling works, we strongly recommend you watch the instruction video first.

Tips for practising:

  • Practise with someone else a few times.
  • Practise when your baby is relaxed (for instance after nap time, a feed and a nappy change).
  • Practise with a doll and in front of a mirror.

Below you find the written instructions:

  1. Put the Mini Sling on
  • Put the sling over your head and spread the shoulder piece over one of your shoulders.
  • Pull the black strap on your back tight so the carrier fits snugly into your armpit on the other side (see second illustration below).

Too Low


  • Make the carrier into a 'bowl', ensuring the carrier isn't inside-out (the 'minimonkey' logo needs to be visible on the outside).
  1. 'Hang' your baby in the sling

  • Put your baby high up on your free shoulder.
  • Now pull one foot through the safely loop at the bottom of the carrier (at the green asterisk in the illustration). Please note: you do not use the loop at the top, this one is for carrying the Mini Sling on your other Once its leg is in the safety loop, your baby cannot fall out of the sling. Note that this loop is only there for security – it does not support your baby, the Mini Sling's fabric does.
  • Now let your child hang with its knees in the sling (as illustrated below) until it is completely relaxed in this position.
  1. Pull the fabric up

  • Calmly pull the fabric up over your baby's back. For newborns: the fabric reaches halfway its ears.
  • Ensure the minimonkey logo is at the middle of your baby's neck.
  • The top edge of the Mini Sling should be horizontal.
  1. Fasten the clip
  • Fasten the clip on the top of the back panel (as shown in the illustration).
  • Tighten the strap until the soft stuffed neck trim properly supports your baby's neck.
  • Any excess fabric can be neatly tucked away to the side. If you feel your baby is sitting too low, you can pull it up with one arm while tightening the strap on your back.
  1. Checklist
  • Your child is in a nice M pose – the carrier supports its upper legs and its bottom is lower than its upper legs. Its back has a natural curve.
  • Your baby's head is properly supported and rests on your sternum.
  • The top edge of the Mini Sling is horizontal, the minimonkey logo is centred and the opposite side fits snugly underneath your arm.
  • The back panel is nice and tight over your baby's back.

Are you still unhappy with the fit? These tips will help you:

  • If the fabric doesn't stretch tightly over your baby's back, you can tuck the fabric away at the side or underneath your baby's bottom.
  • If its head isn't properly supported and/or your baby isn't sitting in the sling correctly, you can pull it up with one arm while tightening the black strap on your back.
  • Is your baby sitting in the sling lopsidedly? Slightly twist the Mini Sling by pulling the shoulder piece down a bit and at the same time pulling the other side up a bit, fitting it more snugly underneath your arm. The top edge of the back panel should now be straight. Tighten the strap on your back to ensure the Mini Sling stays in this position.


Safety loops and bucklesThe Mini Sling has two safety loops and two buckles, so you can wear it on your left as well as your right shoulder. The loop on the inside (near your baby's neck) and the clip at the bottom of the sling aren't used, they are for carrying your baby on your other shoulder. If you so wish, you can tuck the dangling clip between the fabric above it, as shown in the illustration below.

Folding the Mini Sling in its pouch

As you can see in the instruction video, the shoulder piece has a small sewn-in pouch with a black and white rope that allows you to fold the sling into a tiny package, as shown in the illustrations below. Essentially, it's the same as folding up a reusable shopping bag.

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Additional information

Weight0.18 kg
Dimensions10 × 8 × 16 cm

Black, Camouflage, Grey, White

4 reviews for Mini Sling

  1. Rajn Eida Scottini (Norway) (verified owner)

    I can’t praise this mini sling enough. Baught completely unknowing that this would be one of our most used carrier.
    We use ring sling, wraps and harnesses, our minimonkey is our everyday hero, for a fast up, for hot days, emergency carrier, for showering when we are away from homey comforts and for going swimming, to put baby to sleep real fast and so many other things.
    I love that it’s easy to put on, you cant really not make it right, when the baby falls asleep there is such a good position of the baby that the head rest supported and easy against my chest.
    I can barely get out the door before baby falls asleep in this.
    Amazing design

  2. Andreas Todeschini

    Ein unheimlich tolle Produkt!
    Wir haben es einfach mal bestellt, da wir eine kleine Trage gesucht haben, die immer dabei sein kann. Bei dem Preis war es den Versuch wert und es hätte auch das doppelte kosten können.
    Es ist einfach genial einfach, kompakt und bequem. Die ersten paar mal anlegen brauchten noch etwas Übung, aber wenn man es ruhig angeht, hat man den Bogen schnell heraußen und wird viel Freude damit haben.

  3. Lauranne

    This super light sling will most likely save my summer…! Really easy to set up, takes no space at all when not in use, I’ve used it only a couple of times so far but this is already a favorite!

  4. Alessia Santoro (verified owner)

    Super super super!! I was looking exactly for this product!
    Light, safe, compact and nice to carry my little child easily!
    Thank you for your great job!
    Mums really love it and for this reason I’m goin to place the second order after only 5 days!

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